September 11th Interfaith Memorial Service


Today, there will be several memorial and prayer services for the victims of the 9/11 tragedy both in Hoboken and across the nation.

In addition to the 9/11 interfaith memorial service at 6pm over at Pier A Park, All Saints Episcopal Parish, will also hold a service from 8:30 to 9:30am. The church will be open at 8:30am, and the bell will ring from 8:46 to 9:02 to signify the times the two planes struck the Twin Towers. To honor the victims, there will be a prayer service at 9:05am.

I will not forget that day ever.



Next Tuesday is the annual Interfaith Memorial Service honoring the 9/11 victims.

See last years event after the jump.


Yesterday, approximately 300 people showed up at a breezy and chilly Pier A Park for the 6pm Interfaith Memorial Service honoring the victims of September 11th, 2001.

Various hymns were sung, prayers were made and remarks by several speakers including Senators Kenny and Lautenberg.

The memorial concluded with with the reading of the names of the 57 Hoboken victims of that tragic day.


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so is irony, danzig.


[quote comment=”43426″][quote comment=”43404″]
Need me and emarch to bring the Yamaha R1 to the South wall at 10pm?[/quote]

Will there be sharks?[/quote]

Shah, with tiny “lasers” on their foreheads

When you hear “Wayne’s World! Wayne’s World! Party On!”, that means GO


[quote comment=”43404″]
Need me and emarch to bring the Yamaha R1 to the South wall at 10pm?[/quote]

Will there be sharks?


[quote comment=”43332″][quote comment=”43296″]hey, look… it’s wgenese

how’s the food on the inside?[/quote]

Ahhh Midnight… some cash placed in the right CO’s hands and it’s filet mignon and lobster tails.

Been out riding latly?[/quote]

Welcome back wgenese. Sorry about your cousin.

Riding? Not lately, recovering for 6 months now from nerve damage from back injury, and torn muscle. Give it another month and I’ll jump back onto the bike. Need me and emarch to bring the Yamaha R1 to the South wall at 10pm?


[quote comment=”43359″]danzig, take your blame america first stuff elsewhere. [/quote]
Blame America? Are you stoned? Before simply regurgitating jingoistic Hannityisms, please at least take a moment to ensure their applicability. I was simply voicing the disgust the many firefighters, other first responders and their families feel toward Giuliani.
As for my comment about Republicans and religion, I’ll stick with Chekhov: Hypocrisy is a revolting, psychopathic state.