Stolen car recovered

Last night a resident reported their silver 2005 Honda Element stolen. Today, this vehicle was spotted by an officer near 9th and Madison. The perp was a light skinned hispanic wearing a white t-shirt and a white do-rag. He then dumped the vehicle near 12th and Madison and fled. No word on whether he was caught, but the car was recovered.

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Actually….We went to look for our car and spotted it driving right towards us! My husband jumped in front of the car and ordered the kid to get out of the car while I called the police. The police then chased the car, and the kid ditched it and ran away. They caught someone, but it wasn’t the kid.


I lived in Hoboken for 9 years — all the time in fear of having my car stolen — but thanfully it never happened. My car was broken into my last night in town. What a nice sendoff!