Remember 9/11

Today marks the five year anniversary of one of the most crucial days in our lives. This day affected most people in multiple ways, and has changed the course of global history forever.


We honor and respect the over 50 Hoboken residents lost in this senseless tragedy, as well as the thousands of other innocent members of our society.

Please take a moment to reflect and remember the importance of this tragic day, and pay a visit to the 9/11 memorial at Pier A park for the ceremony today at 6PM.


My story: I was one of the many lucky ones who made it out ok that day. It was the first day back after a two week vacation from The Bank of New York, which was a block away from the north tower. I got into work a little early that day, and as I was crossing the street near the Verizon building, at 8:46am, I hear what I thought was a sonic boom. Little did I know as I turned the corner that a commercial jetliner had struck the building. After gazing in astonishment for a while, the second plane hits, and my intuition tells me that no matter what is going on, it’s time for me to leave the scene and head back to Hoboken.


I crowd onto the second NY Waterway Ferry out of the WFC port and head my way back home. On my way back home the first tower collapses, news reports come in about the other planes, and our lives have now been thrown upside down. After the second tower collapses, I head down to Sinatra Park and sit there for hours completely numb to what has just happened. Shock, really. You’re just not prepared for such devastation and mayhem.


We recovered, got back on our feet, and business had to continue as normal. The security, the fear, the uncertainty all plagued us for many months afterward, and still continue to do so to this day.

I got to go back to my building 10 days after 9/11 to recover some important files, and managed to go to the roof to take some pictures. The smell and the scene of destruction has stayed with me ever since. Such beautiful engineering and the thousands of lives were reduced to rubble, and it made me deeply sad.


While it’s important to re-build, and focus on a positive future, it’s still very important never to forget a life-altering event such as this. Not to dwell on it per-se, but to realize that we can get through such tragedy and become stronger people as a whole. God bless everyone who was affected.


If you have anything you’d like to share, please do so. And remember to carry forward all positive memories of any friends or family you may have lost on this day.

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Here’s video from Hoboken that day. 🙁


I was late that day- I had a meeting in the North tower at 9:30 am and forgot paperwork at my place and went back to get it- when I got to the path no more trains were going- I was headed toward the ferry when the 2nd plane hit- I went home.

So, sad, I think the pictures of those missing bother me the most, people were so desperate and hopeful to find their loved ones alive – that haunts me.


To this day, I can’t bear to look at pictures of the twin towers. My heart goes out to those who lost friends and loved ones on 9/11.


I was working at Stony Brook hospital at the time, listening to the radio while I was watching monitors. The hospital was put on disaster alert! We done graded all the ICU patients to the regular floors in preparation for patients.. They never came! Sorry for the loses that people have suffered, sympathies to all!


I remember going to St. Mary’s to give blood. I think there were three old cafeteria tables set-up and a sheet for almost every letter of the alphabet. I was about the 30th name under the R’s… one ever got called back