Lame Hoboken photoshop surfaces…


“Artist” draws similarity – Hoboken and Ryu’s “Hadouken”

Hoboken411 reader Jeremy sent this photo that’s been making it’s way through the web… A doctored sign of the Walt Whitman Bridge coming out of Philadelphia, with a nerdy Street Fighter video game reference. Wrong city names.

99.9% of you won’t get this. These are moves that you’d punch in on your video game controller to make the character (in this case “Ryu”) from the game “Street Fighter” do his special death move.

I was hesitant to even post this – because Hoboken isn’t short on stories and events, and posting “anything with the word Hoboken in it gosh” is very lame, but said why the heck not.

Here’s what the original sign looks like for your curious reference.

And for the über-nerds out there – here’s the fight move anyway.

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That Photoshop’n might actually be better than the actual signs themselves.

One of my favorite/confusing NJ road signs – leave Hoboken through J.C., enter the highway towards the NJ Turnpike, and before getting to it, the signs say Souther Turnpike Stay Left, but then the exit is on the right.


Can Jeremy photoshop the “Welcome to Hoboken” sign? Perhaps make it a little more honest? Maybe “Home of Frank Sinatra and weekly bs”?