Car vandalized with spray paint

Yet another instance of reckless individuals marring other peoples property.

A reader sent this in, indicating her white 2003 Honda was sprayed with long lines of red paint along the drivers side. This was near the 1200 Grand St. building.

What personal satisfaction does it give whomever does this type of act?

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Here you go.

hopefully these punks will be abolished and forced to leave hoboken soon…. good luck.


There is something that you can buy that takes it off. Several years ago our cars and our neighbors’ cars were spray painted. When we called the cops, they came out to take a report and recommended a product to buy. I can’t remember the name of it but it worked really well. I’m sure if you went to an auto parts store, they can tell you. In our case, the little criminals went out and did this during an ice storm so the next day their footprints were frozen in the ice. One victim just tracked their footprints right to their home and called the cops. Turned out to be a couple of 13 year olds and 15 year old. (BTW, this happened out of state.)


jeez that sucks. Don’t know how to get it off.
try googling it


Both my car and my boyfriend’s car were vandalized the same way, and yet they were parked a 1/2 mile apart. I am disgusted by the punks in this town. Anyone know how to get spray paint off a car?