Boyfriend girlfriend drama…

Not really a crime… but this is drama related.

Tall thin, blonde blue eyed woman was reportedly broken up by her boyfriend tonight, and she threatened “jumping in the river” as a result. She lived across the street from the Automated Parking Garage.

He claimed she was roaming around Sinatra Drive, but was picked up on the stoop of her house. Actually, she was trying to break up with HIM! As a result, she said that the BOYFRIEND called this in saying that he would call the police claiming she was a suicidal lunatic.

Do you understand why this girl broke up with him? Who would invoke such drama over just a relationship? GOSH!

If the girl doesn’t want you anymore, just move on and get someone else! Stop causing drama!

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hmmmm, I wonder if they patched things up? I saw someone that looked just like the reported woman and a guy on thursday right across the street from the garage looking like they were in love around 11am then saw them again around 3pm in deep and intense coversation– I say they both love the drama!!!!


hey bokenho i don’t think any married people have it figured out. most of them i know aren’t happy and are usually don’t act like themselves around their”better” halfs.


Wow, if that’s love, then I guess that I really don’t have this damned marriage thing figured out!

kooky kat

I guess she should feel lucky he isn’t keeping her head in the freezer right now.

What a psycho.


I think the song the BF was listening to was “every step you take…”