Harbingers of warmer times ahead…


The beauty of the four seasons

In the northeast, is that you never really need to be “stuck” in one particular state. And with winter being on one end of the less comfortable spectrum – these shots reminded me of what’s coming next:

Warm reminders

  • Alley and Backyard: This glimpse of this brighter backyard through the alley was like looking at spring light through the “tunnel” of a long winter…
  • AC units: With the late-day sun hitting the orange eastern face of this Garden Street building, something about this transported me to those day in late July when you look up after one of these drips water on your head. I was longing for summer!
  • Fresh fruit outside corner store: You can always appreciate this burst of color in the winter, but now it is starting to look like we’re finally turning the corner towards warmer times ahead!

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