Hoboken Week in Review 3/7/2010


The morning walk of shame…

Hopefully none of you embarrassingly stumbled home this morning and are all safe and sound!

What made the most noteworthy entries for the week ending Sunday, March 7, 2010?

Hot Topics

  • PATTY!
    All the hype and hoopla is over now. See what people were talking about yesterday!
    Do not let the city be negligent about the poor conditions of our roads. Hold them accountable!
    A Hoboken411 exclusive investigation into a potential Pay-to-Play violation provides plenty of “sloppy seconds news” for others to gobble up last week.
  • PATH!
    Do you like the new cars better than the old? Readers find plenty to still like about the aging fleet of trains…
    Some readers believe the 126 Bus along Clinton / Willow leaves much to be desired.
    Newly appointed Board of Ed Super gives up the job before day one.
    Hoboken, the home of the most elections ever – is ramping up towards the April 20, 2010 Board of Ed election. Great.
  • TAXI!
    More bitching about the Taxi Stand in Hoboken

Other Updates

Event Calendar

I’d suggest everyone REST THIS WEEK – but if you want to see what’s happening this week, check out the Hoboken411 event calendar! I’m too exhausted today to do this…

Inspirational Quote of the Week:

A shout out to the folks “in charge” here in the Mile Square:

“A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right.”

– Thomas Paine

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