More great Hoboken snow shots!


Yes, even a disruptive snow has much beauty!

On top of yesterday’s photos – here’s yet another collection of great “real life” shots submitted by a bunch of Hoboken411 readers.

Photo submission note: Please send “landscape” instead of “portrait” photos! While I understand and appreciate when and where a “taller” portrait shot is always beautiful, when it comes to online publications specifically, vertical screen real estate is at premium. Which is why I have a semi-policy of only using the wider photo submissions over the taller ones. If I do choose to pick the taller shots, they may be included in a gallery that also has the wide pics – and as you can see in the second gallery below – much detail is lost. Thanks!

Nicole has a good photographic eye!

I was impressed with this gallery of TEN photos that Hoboken411 reader Nicole sent in yesterday. She has a knack for composing fantastic shots!

Another great gallery!

Hoboken411 readers Brian, Pete, JP and Joe contributed to the gallery below. I even included a couple of the tall shots at the end. I happen to enjoy the giant snowman constructed near the Harborside Lofts!

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