Juvenilles with angry basketball

How ironic is it that a group of juvenilles are causing trouble at, you guessed it, near the “criminal superhighways” of Hoboken. This time, the group of dopey and idiotic trouble-makers threw a basketball at a woman near 4th and Adams Street. WHY? Just leave innocent and random people alone. Do you do this to make your other douchebag friends laugh? Do you get “points” with the crew to meddle with folks?

How about we get a group of 6′ plus tough guys come pelt you kids with 90mph fastballs to the skull? We’ll laugh at you as blood comes dripping from your temple and the rest of you scurry like roaches when you turn the lights on when you get home to your dumpy low-income housing. Maybe that will teach you a lesson.

How many of you are sick of hearing these reports of kids just screwing with people?

We need Curtis Sliwa.

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cops suck in Hoboken – well for the most part. A few weeks ago, I watched a cop cruising up 9th street smoking a big fat cigar, he didn’t seem to care about anything but smoking the cigar!

Also, today I watched 2 cars driving very fast on Madison in the wrong directions – everyone was yelling at them and they almost caused an accident – NO THEY WERE NOT COPS! this was near 7th and Madison.


Ah, nevermind the cops. All we need are some water cannons, pepper spray, and those sick sticks from Minority Report.


Now that the police cars are being tracked with GPS there seem to be more cops visable.
According to the Hoboken Reporter 13 Hoboken Police Officers have been reprimanded and one Captian was focred out of her job and fined for not showing up for work.

13 out of 100 is a lot of people not working.

The elections in May may also have something to do with it too.


Monroe street? Umm…no.

As for the criminal super highway: don’t sweat it. The real estate bubble is leaking if not bursting. By the time it climbs again the environment may be totally different. The projects aren’t going anywhere, nor should they, but I’d hope that cleaning them up would feature high on Hoboken’s agenda.

Hmm…almost forgot where I was living for a moment there. Nevermind.

At least Hoboken will *still* be cheaper than Manhattan. So there’ll be some competition for your space.

kooky kat

“I agree with NOT walking home totally wrecked and being a target”

Of course, I do this approximately 2 times a week. 😉

As for Monroe being the new Washington? Not unless they level the projects, and I don’t forsee that happening!