Hoboken Week in Review 2/28/2010


Who’s ready for Spring?

Are you sick of the winter yet? Well, you’re in luck – because not only is the vernal equinox about three weeks away, so is gradually warming weather. Time to start thinking of spring cleaning!

Hoboken411 week in review Oscar in the snow - Hoboken Week in Review 2/28/2010

What made the most noteworthy entries for the week ending Sunday, February 28, 2010?

Hot Topics

  1. WHITE!
    Yep, more of the fluffy white stuff. I wonder how the city is handling the loss in parking revenue? Higher taxes again?
  2. AUDIT!
    The so-called big bad Police Audit released. Many residents call BS on it. Don’t count your chickens just yet…
  3. IRISH!
    The annual Irish Party takes place – and even when not drunk, (online) fights take place. A trend?
    Hoboken’s waterfront continues falling to pieces. Hoboken the center of urban planning? I think not.
  5. NOW?
    In the middle of Hoboken’s worst property tax nightmare – they want to spend tens of millions more. Priorities mixed the hell up?
    Should the city of Hoboken continue being allowed to get away with robbing American citizens with unjust fines for petty acts? Not according to the constitution!
  7. INEPT!
    The city has problems sending domestic mail. Any excuse you hear for the delay is probably fabricated.
  8. BOSS!
    “CC BOSS” (conspiracy candidate) Jeff Boss insists everyone knew that 9/11 was planned. Claims proof but has problems with his internet connection apparently. Get a Mac!
  9. TAXI!
    You think a taxi “mediator” is necessary in Hoboken? Some feel like it’s not.
  10. SLIDERS!
    Last week was “Sliders” week, and we some yummy burger places were reviewed, like:

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Inspirational Quote of the Week:

“Slander is the revenge of a coward, and dissimulation his defense”

– The Bible

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