Digable Arts Festival on March 20th


A different kind of art festival coming to the Monroe Center (720 Monroe St.) the weekend of March 20th and 21st! Sounds like a ton of fun, with art, music and more. Make a weekend out of it, won’t ya?

The Digable Arts Festival!

“Hoboken two-day independent Arts Festival, the DIGABLE ARTS FESTIVAL is taking amazing shape. The festival will take place on March 20th and 21st at the Monroe Center for the Arts in Hoboken, NJ.

The festival will include:

  • Over 60 different fine artists,
  • 19 musical groups over two different stages
  • A variety of art installations through out the building
  • A rotating list of vendors
  • A black box theater space
  • A screening room for independent video pieces.


Saturday March 20th at 11am, galleries will open, closing at 7pm that evening.
Festivities continue with the EQUINOXX PARTY in the main room from 8pm Saturday evening until close in the with live bands, interactive art, vendors, DJ’s and a special dance performance at midnight by the “Living a Painting” performance group.

Sunday March 21st begins at 11am with gallery hours running till 5pm to coincide with the Monroe Centers Open Studio Tour and will include another day of live bands special theatrical performances and screenings of independent productions.

“Jam 4 Art” Fundraiser on March 7th

On Sunday, March 7th from 5-9pm – “An evening of music and art in Hoboken to benefit Hoboken’s independent Art Festival!

Click here for PDF – over at Saint and Sinners Bar (205 First Street).
See list of participating artists, bands, vendors and more after the jump!

(Digable Arts Festival, continued…)

Participating artists include

Free Arts Society, A-Team Art Collective, Danielle Scott, Ana Rodrigues, Bill Menzel, Brian O’Boyle, Chris Leone, Michael DiGiacinto, Erica Resnick, Lau Klohe, Gabriella Murphy, Greg Freyman, Gregory McKenna, Jennie Booth, Jason Gluskin, Justin Rivenbark, TS Dutchman, kurtis Watkins, Marc Tucci, Matt Fricovsky, Melissa Marie Johnson, Mike Ferrari, Norm Francoer, Paola Re Zu, Raemy Do, Roslyn Rose, Stephen Chopek, Chucky Grimm, Uta Brauser, Wendy Eaton, Jack Halpin, Willie Baez, Zachary Green, Zofia Bogusz, Michael Leone, Kaliptus Arts, Brian Sudol, Rachel Katic, Legomaster, Hugo Juarez, Hank Yaghooti, Daniela Puliti, Kate Hoos, and Russ Wiggins.

Participating bands include

Zap and the Naturals, Forbidden Fruit, Pleeko, Jack Parsons Moochild, Billy Carrion Jr. Trio, Una Pong, Kosmic Daydream, Fikus, Kiwi the Child, Universal Rebel, Lloyd United, Shwizz, Cosmic American Derelicts, Mr. Pants and the Adventure Soundtrack, Troy Wise, Vince Genella, Leaving Footprints and Kyle Sandison

Participating video producers and actors include

Chioke Nassor, Brooke Thorne, Misha Sundukovskiy, Duncan Pflaster, Tyler Ross (Continuum Pictures), Nicole Sakeena, Richard Kirkwood, Some Woman, Janet Zarecor and Cris nyne

Participating vendors include:

Jersey City Craft Mafia, Monica Chavarria, Louise Gale, Jordana Lake, April Acerno, Heather Markowski, Javiera Rodriguez, Joanne Simmons.

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