Getting out of Hoboken?


Sure is nice sometimes, right?

Even though some of you may be hunkered down from all this snow we’re getting – it’s never a bad time to talk about “leaving town.” And by that, I don’t mean moving – but rather taking a road trip away from the headaches – or even heading down to the shore once the weather gets warmer.

But traveling itself presents some headache-inducing problems – mainly traffic and congestion.

Escaping Hoboken STOCK - Getting out of Hoboken?

How do you roll out of the Mile Square?

No matter whether I’m just going shopping – or taking a very rare day or two off – I have some fairly hard-core requirements (and I suggest it for anyone!) – Travel during off-peak hours and days!

Just getting out of the tri-state area via car during rush hour, or any holiday weekend is a total nightmare. Save yourself the frustration, and either find times where everyone else is either working – or asleep. You’ll get where you’re going so much faster and easier!

Even for those that say “well, I don’t have the luxury of traveling when I want” – I say rubbish. You can find a way. Either cut your trip short by half a day – or leave a half-day earlier.

Same goes for returning to Hoboken! Leaving town is just half the battle. Pay careful attention to when you expect to return back to town – because unless you have a parking spot, finding street parking after 5pm on a weekday can become very dicey. I made this mistake last year when I took a one-night trip to south Jersey on a Friday night, and spent the same amount of time driving around Hoboken on a Saturday night trying to find a spot – that I did actually getting here!

In Hoboken – timing is everything when it comes to reducing stress on your trips!

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Don’t have a car since the sixties (1964 Nash Rambler)…
traded it in for New 1966 Ford Falcon) glad to have nice neighbors and get invited sometimes! I go along for the ride
when I can….


There is always Bergenline Avenue and the Mall at Newport.
New York City is also close. Chili’s @ Newport has the best ribs in the world. Reasonable price, also…We shared the Chocolate volcano surprise…..and the waiters will all come to the table and sing happy birthday when it is presented….NICE….a walk to Burlington in HOBOKEN to see the
new styles for Spring, and check out the raincoats for April showers upcoming.

A neighborhood carpool out to Corrado’s or Costco’s or Michaels
for art supplies, or just to get together to shop. We split up to shop for an hour or so, then meet for lunch somewhere on the highway. Chinese food, any buffet that looks good…WOW…

Inexpensive and fun……chip in for gas and food for the day.
Nice day out with neighbors if one of them has a car….


Hoboken 411 said: “Travel during off-peak hours and days!”

That’s exactly what we do. Leave on a Tuesday, at about 10:00 AM or 11:00 AM and return the next Tuesday or Wednesday before rush hour!