Last free concert tonight

At Church Square Park. You know summer is dwindling down once the event schedule reaches it’s end.

Tonight, Joy Ride: The 20th Anniversary Finale Concert will take place from 7:00 – 9:00pm. They’re a wedding-type band playing all the old favorites.

Come down if you’re bored and have nothing else to do. Plus, many people like those types of bands, so it may be fun.

At least there won’t be any muggings during the show!

church%20square%20park%20sign - Last free concert tonight

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One big problem is clearly literacy.


i can’t believe that this is the 37th post on this subject.


TBizzle – good point. People will dogs think their dogs should be treated like little hairy gods that can sh*t all over town and if they feel like picking it up they will.

The rest of us who litter and throw up excessively on the street (i.e. all of Hoboken that doesn’t own a dog) can just deal with it, cause we deserve it! And the kids, F’ the kids — it’s not bad for them, dog feces is a health alternative to water. Besides when we let our kids out during the Hoboken floods to swim in the rain — they are essentially swimming in human feces which is much worse for their health.


While we’re at it, could all the breeders please put your little brats on leashes too?!?


What the F????
The answer to the simple complaint about excessive dog crap on the sidewalks of Hoboken are “there are worse problems” ??????
Of coures there are many things wrong with the city, but this argument is about dog feces!