Terroristic threats

Not sure if this should really be considered a “crime” that we should be worried about, but apparently some woman at 5 Church Towers received “Terroristic Threats” over the phone from what sounds like her boyfriend or something. He was on his way home, and she was fearful and called police for assistance. It’s seemingly a domestic / private affair. No juvenille or gang crap.

In other news we missed today:
– there was a 4 car accident downtown all requiring medical attention (I was too lazy to post it)
– many small fire jobs (one at stevens)
– some telephone pole issue near stevens that poses a hazardous condition. Tree limb.

All boring stuff really. Sorry about that!

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That ‘s the TOWER? It looks like a giant phallic idol and says lack a what? Gee, what kind of message does that send to the tourists turning left into Hoboken?