Academy Bus may strike

8/31/2006 Update: Looks like they avoided the strike.

Not sure if this will make a difference to anyone in Hoboken.

But if they do strike, Academy would continue to operate some lines on a limited schedule. The workers would be picketing over at the Academy Bus location on 14th St. on the west end of our town.
academy%20bus - Academy Bus may strike

Here’s an article from ABC News:

Strike threat for Academy Bus Co.

Hudson & Bergen drivers may strike Midnight Thursday
WABC Eyewitness News

(Hoboken-WABC, August 29, 2006) – Thousands of commuters in Bergen and Hudson counties may soon be scrambling to find alternate ways to get around. Academy Bus Tour drivers, which operates 12 lines for New Jersey Transit, is threatening to strike at the end of the week.
Eyewitness News reporter Jen Maxfield is live in Hoboken with the story.

There was some small consolation today for riders and people who take the Academy buses, the union and managers have agreed to a 48 hour cooling off period. So in 48 hours they will come to the negotiation table before the union drive decide to go on strike.

Dozens of Academy buses will stop running Friday morning if management and union can’t come to an agreement on overtime pay.

Antonio Espinosa, Academy Bus Driver: “I don’t wanna strike. I want someone to come down and say you will get paid on a sick day.”

Currently Academy bus drivers are paid 1.2 times days pay for work on the sixth or seventh day. Even if they work 60 or 70 hours over five days, there is not overtime.

Workers are asking for time-and-a-half for work after 40 hours.

Charles Hall, Union President: “We really concerned about our passengers but we could only hope that they will understand that we’re being reasonable with rights and try to get what is right.”

Thousands of bus riders in Bergen and Hudson Counties will be affected in the bus strike. All but a handful of Academy rides will stop completely by Friday. The one’s that continue running will be on the reduced schedule.

New Jersey Transit plans to cross honor bus tickets for Hudson Bergen Light Rail and the Bergen & Pascack Valley train lines, to give commuters some way to get around.

At noon, a spokeman from Academy Bus Tours said the company is working diligently to avoid a strike.

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