One strike and you’re out…

Maybe the Hoboken Police are starting to get on the ball with this “Superhighway of Crime” that’s seemingly getting more traffic. I love hearing stories like this. It may not stop the out-of-town offenders, but hopefully it will make some kind of difference eventually if their cronies don’t live here anymore.

From Monday’s Jersey Journal:

In Hoboken, it’s one strike and you’re out-
In Hoboken — which some claim is the real birthplace of baseball — it’s “one strike and you’re out,” at least when it comes to those accused of crimes who live in public housing.

Under the controversial “one-strike” policy, if someone is arrested on drug-related charges — even before they’re convicted — everyone who lives in that apartment can be evicted. That includes people living in the apartment who aren’t accused of the alleged crime.

“We are in the process of making Hoboken a safe, decent place to live. One way to combat the drug and gang activity is to make residents realize the seriousness of the crimes and understand that they are risking tenancy,” Hoboken Housing Authority Executive Director Bob DiVincent said.

Last year, less than 10 eviction proceedings were started against tenants for drug-related reasons, says DiVincent. But thanks to greater information sharing between the Hoboken Police Department and the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office, nearly 30 eviction proceedings have begun this year — and more are expected.

“We are not going to stop until the crime stops,” said DiVincent, adding that a April raid by local and federal officials nabbed dozens of suspected criminals and has contributed to the spike.

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As stated by “Dear Abby” about two weeks ago in her column:

“Although the crime rate may be higher in low income neighborhoods, living in one does not make everyone a criminal.
To automatically stereotype people because of how they look, their regional (or foreign) accent, they way they dress or where they live is not only a mistake, it is also a sign of ignorance.”

Not everyone who lives in public housing is bad. Yeah, there are bad apples but don’t include everyone in that bunch. There are a lot of hard working residents who live there and who care about their community.


Soooooo…..does the one strike thing apply to the drug alcohol and the City Council too. 🙄


i think i’m starting to hate white people.


I have a question if a politician lives in Church Towers and is convicted of a felony does he and his family get evicted too.

I would think that would be fair.


this just made the 6pm ABC news tonight