Hoboken General Store & Deli

Often called "the country store"


Description – General Store
Services –
Breakfast, Lunch, Sandwiches, Coffee, Lotto, Newspaper's …
Address –
509 Willow Ave, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-3913
Telephone –
(201) 963-8165

general%20store - Hoboken General Store & Deli

June 2006

Quick review. If you have to remember just one thing, their bacon is incredible!

From the outside, The General Store Deli & Pizza doesn’t appear to be much. Doesn’t look much different on the inside, either.

What used to be just a plain old regular shop where you could get sandwiches, bagels, etc, now has a pizza oven on top of that. They had issues with the grill over a year ago, and got hung up with permits, etc. Something to do with the exhaust vent. Now they’re back in full service.

For starters, I have NEVER had a disappointing bacon, egg and cheese sandwich there. It’s perfect every time. Not sure who they use for the bacon, Thumann’s or Boar’s Head or whomever. But they always cook it just like I like it!! Quintessentially crisp and bursting with flavor. Just try it one day. You’ll notice it too. Order the sandwich on a hero roll with the bread pulled out. You will not be disappointed. I’d like to take a picture of your face when you take that first bite.
General%20Store%20BEC - Hoboken General Store & Deli

Now, on to a more important topic. Their pizza. This is a gem of a pizza shop in the works.

My initial sample of the pizza was a meatball pie. See picture below.
general%20store%20meatball%20pie - Hoboken General Store & Deli

The first thing you notice is the smell. It smells amazing. They use a very nice sauce on the pie. Didn’t look like a work of art, but hey, it’s just a pizza. The crust was ok, a bit dry on the outside. Cheese was average, but good. In this case, the meatballs were nicely seasoned, but a bit dried out (I’ve heard the meatball parm was kick-ass). Not sure why, perhaps because I was 15 minutes late picking it up. I also requested and received a pint of sauce on the side. That was incredible. Could drink it!

I will be giving the pizza a second chance. Alberto, the owner, is an extremely friendly and accomodating man. This is why. He wants to make pizzas that people like. He wants suggestions while they work out the kinks, like any new bar or restaurant. But he truly cares. And that is how you win customers over and keep them. Sincerity and respect.

The General Store (often called “the country store”) has a pretty big menu with a full spread of breakfast options, subs, burgers, pizzas and more. Simple but tasty. Don’t let the rather pedestrian appearance fool you. It’s one of the best overall eateries in Hoboken.

They also deliver, FYI.

See menu HERE.

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I was out of the country for the last 12 days eating almost the same food daily. We all talked about what our first meal would be once back in the states. This morning I had a bacon egg and cheese sandwich and pancakes from here. (I’d remembered the review from a long time ago about the good BEC). I couldn’t have asked for a better breakfast! The bacon was so flavorful and just crispy enough, not burnt to a dark crunch, and the pancakes were thick, buttery, and fluffy.


I’d like to try the potato & egg!
ummm yes with bacon perhaps!


Yes, I liked the bacon. Mmmmm. Bacon. It would be the one main reason i’d try another BEC sandwich from there again.