Gang of juvenilles attack

Three workers/deliverymen on 4th and Washington Street. May have been Mexican kitchen workers. Gang of 10 or more juvenilles, approximately 10 males, 4 females.. aged 17 or 18. They dispersed and several were stopped on 3rd and Bloomfield.

Oddly enough, the Mexicans that were attacked, did NOT want to press charges. Hmm. Why’s that? Because they’re illegal?

The gang of youths were just sent on their way and no one was charged with anything. WHAT A WASTE! How can we let these thugs just get away with crap like that?? A cop stopping them then letting them go scot free seems wrong. Maybe beat them with a billy club or something before you send them back to where they came from.

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It’s funny, I live right around there, and heard a bunch of screaming last night… Looked out the window and saw about 10 teenage kids on the street & sidewalk… Didn’t know they were attacking someone or I would have tried to stop it… I’ve noticed that a lot on sunday nights along washington street.


Another event on the Criminal Superhighway.