Hoboken Sliders Week – Day 2


[This week, the featured story topic is “Sliders” (mini hamburgers)…]

Madison Bar & Kings Supermarket

You might ask yourself – what do Madison Bar (14th and Washington) and Kings Supermarket (12th and Hudson) have in common? Well – as you saw yesterday, for Sliders Week – I’m pairing up a bar/restaurant with a more standard non-alcohol establishment as well (for those on the 12-step program).

Madison Bar and Grill Hoboken NJ Mini Hamburgers Sliders and Fries - Hoboken Sliders Week - Day 2
With something as simple as cheeseburger sliders, it’s incredible how much variation there can be. Though the Madison Bar and Grill charges $10 for three (similar to the Hudson Tavern just one short block away) their little burgers could not be any more different. Essentially, at Madison Bar and Grill you are getting a heaping pile of perfectly-seasoned fries with a few different mouth-watering aioli dipping sauces. If you are ordering for the sliders themselves, though, you may leave wanting more. The sliders are tasty little bites, but they are rightly placed on an appetizer menu due to their diminutive size.

In this situation, it really does depend on whether you are on a quest for the best slider, or if you are looking for an all-around tasty first course.

You may have had a long day at work, and might stop by one of our two King’s Supermarkets in town for some bare essentials (milk, bread, juice, etc.) Hungry and tired from yet another back-breaking and unsatisfying day in the “rat race,” these cute mini “cheddar slider burgers” may catch your eye. Thinking to yourself “Hmmm, I could have some tasty burgers without the hassle and wait of ordering from a restaurant! I’m in luck! My night may be redeemed!”

Well, when you get home and heat these suckers up, you’ll smack yourself in the face for being fooled. These are quite possibly the last-ranked mini-burger in Hoboken. McDonald’s and Malibu rank higher. They were just plain bad. Dry, flavorless with questionable meat.

Not recommended whatsoever.

You think Madison has the right formula? Also been let down at Kings?

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Mmmmm, ammonia.

I’ve had Madison’s sliders before. They were OK.

Most of these photos, with the exception of the King’s shots, make me really hungry!


Thanks for helping decide what to eat for lunch today, 411! Had one of my favs in the city at Jimmy’s Burger Shack. Too bad we don’t have a place like that in Hoboken. Dunkin Donuts hash browns can’t replace Jimmy’s tater tots


hamburgers might be the single worst food for you out there in terms of meal staples. would you eat it if you knew it was soaked in amonia to kill ecoli? 70% of our hamburger meat is treated that way, and it may not even work! skip the sliders and eat some carrots 🙂