Do you do homemade sliders?


[Concluding “Slider Week” here on Hoboken411…]

Do it yourself sliders or mini-burgers?

The whole plan this week was to feature a few Hoboken slider places (day 1, day 2, day 3), take you to some out-of-town spots (day 4) – then have a little cooking show here today on Hoboken411. I was supposed to go to Truglio’s, get some of the best ground beef in town – pick a recipe from THE BURGER BAR BOOK – and make ’em, taste ’em and so on.

Well I didn’t have time – and the weather sucked to boot!

So in lieu of the Hoboken411 wasteful cooking disaster show – here’s a few slider related videos instead. Enjoy!

Sliders and cupcake cups! Brilliant!

I searched around for some recipe videos – and happen to have liked this no-nonsense, non-fancy basic hamburger prep video the best. The use of the paper cupcake cups was brilliant. Less mess and identical sizes! I’d prefer some cheese, onions and pickles, so modify the recipe to your taste!

“Big City Sliders”

God Bless Billy Mays – always happy and excited about whatever he sold on TV.

Did anyone ever get sucked into buying this slider pan? Did it work OK?

Do you have any homemade slider recipes to share?

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