Hoboken Sliders Week – Day 1


[This week, the featured story topic is “Sliders” (mini hamburgers)…]

Hudson Tavern and Park & Sixth

We’ll start off day one of the “Hoboken Sliders Week” featured entry series with a couple mini-capsule reviews of two of the many establishments in Hoboken that serve slider burgers: Hudson Tavern (51 14th St.) and Park & Sixth (536 Park Ave.)

“The Hudson Tavern has some great sliders, on their Brunch, Lunch and “Fall” menus. They are priced at $9.00 for three sliders, and cheese or bacon can be added for an additional $1.00. Though their typical side is onion straws, french fries can be substituted. These mini burgers might a little on the pricey side, but that’s explained by their large size (much bigger than their buns!) and high quality (beef is purchased from Joe’s Prime Meats right here in Hoboken). No complaints, but I’d recommend onion straws over the fries, which were on the average side.”

“Park and Sixth is one of the better food establishments to open up in Hoboken in recent memory. From unique sandwiches to interesting sides – they most certainly have something on the menu that will make everyone happy. You can get four sliders and fries for $10 bucks, which is in line with other restaurants. The actual hamburgers are some of the best in town – great texture and delicious seasonings. I just wish they offered different bun options, as the potato rolls are a bit too overwhelming, heavy and gummy after a while. This may in fact be a good thing, as it would be possible to shovel quite a few more burgers down otherwise. Fries were average as well, and should be requested “extra crispy” if possible.”

Your thoughts on Hudson Tavern and Park & Sixth’s sliders?

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Mmmmmm. Best photos ever.


Be careful with your nomenclature!! By definition a slider has to be grilled/”steamed” on a bed of onions with the bun steaming on top of that. So its possible some of what you are reviewing are just mini-burgers.