Hoboken unites for a cure update!

3/2/2010 Update:

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Nice to see Mike Andrulea get some airtime for the Club KO fundraiser on WPIX Channel 11 recently!!



A charity event for a cause that is domestic, rather than thousands of miles away…

Club KO fundraiser for Epilepsy

CKO Kickboxing will be hosting “CKO Kickboxing for CURE,” a fundraiser benefiting CURE, Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy. CKO for CURE will take place on Saturday, February 27, 2010 at CKO Kickboxing, 900 Madison Street in Hoboken. The community will join forces to support the search for a cure for epilepsy. The event will include a one-hour workout, “CKO for CURE” t-shirts for all participants and entry into a post-workout raffle with prizes from area businesses.

The fundraiser is spearheaded by Jill Axtens, whose 8 year old daughter Sophie has Epilepsy. In the past five years Sophie has undergone two brain surgeries, been on more than 8 different medications, and has been treated at both Hackensack University Medical Center and NYU Medical Center in efforts to control her seizures.

The general public remains largely unaware of how many lives are impacted by epilepsy; how severely many of those lives are impacted; and yet how little funding is dedicated to epilepsy research. Epilepsy affects over 3 million Americans and 50 million people worldwide of all ages. Over forty percent of these patients do not have control over their seizures, even with the best available treatments. Many more have only achieved seizure control at the cost of living with debilitating side effects of medications. Epilepsy is also a timely topic for this nation at war—for many soldiers suffering traumatic brain injury on the battlefield, epilepsy will be a long-term consequence.

CKO Kickboxing aims to raise $5000 or more to enable CURE to continue its investment in cutting-edge epilepsy research that will one day lead to a cure. Mike Andreula, an instructor at CKO Kickboxing, says “I was so surprised by how many people are affected by Epilepsy. It is so much more common than I realized and yet so little is known about it.”

President of CURE is Susan Axelrod, wife of senior Obama strategist David Axelrod. In 1998, the Axelrods and other parents of epileptic children decided to do something to help the staggering number of Americans who live with this disease. They founded Citizens United for Researching Epilepsy, or CURE, which has since raised over $10 million to fund over 90 cutting edge research projects into cures for epilepsy. For more information about CURE, epilepsy, research news, grants, and special events including CKO Kickboxing for CURE, please visit www.CUREepilepsy.org.

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Thanks Simone. Raffle prizes include:
$100 Gift Certificate from Galatea
2x $50 Gift Certificates from Pleasant Road Spa
Gifts from Starbucks, Fleet Feet, Sparrow Wine & Liqours, and more. It’s gonna be a great time.


Love this gym! They do a lot of community and philanthropic stuff. I’ll be there for this.


Sounds like a great event! Seizures are pretty common I guess.