Rubee’s Closet: Open Again!

3/12/2011 Update:

Rubee’s Closet re-opens on Jefferson Street

After a month “off the grid,” Rubee’s Closet opens today on Jefferson Street (between 11th & 12th).

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2/1/2011 Update:

Steep Washington Street rents force another move

The latest move in the game of musical storefronts in Hoboken is Rubee’s Closet.

Rubees Closet Hoboken NJ moving to 1100 Jefferson Adams Spring 2011 - Rubee's Closet: Open Again!

Just about two years ago – owner Beverly Alonzo moved from the Monroe Center to 1028 Washington Street. And now once again, due to the seemingly inflexible nature of some “main drag” landlords – she felt it was best to occupy a space with less overhead.

So starting in the Spring of 2011 – her new location will be at the former Miss Sushi spot at 1100 Jefferson (which is physically located on the Adams Street side – so it’s probably best to say “Adams between 11th & 12th.”)

Good luck with the move, Beverly – and we’ll see you again in March!

Miss Sushi Hoboken NJ to become Rubees Closet Ladies Clothing Store Spring 2011 - Rubee's Closet: Open Again!

2/5/2009 Update:

Here’s a few shots of the interior of the newly relocated Rubee’s Closet at 1028 Washington Street.

Owner Beverly is an exceptionally sweet person – and you’ll feel really good shopping there! (But she was a bit mad at me for getting pictures of some of the “workers” in there.. haha!)


1/27/2009 Update:

Rubee’s Closet has moved from the Monroe Center – to the former Peper Apparel location at 1028 Washington Street.

Owner Beverly Alonzo says: “Come and join us at our new location on Washington Street. We are very excited to announce we have taken the plunge and moved to 1028 Washington St in Hoboken. We thank all our customers for there love and support. Please come visit us soon, we should be open by Thursday of this week (fingers crossed)!”

hoboken rubees closet relocated from 720 monroe to 1028 washington street - Rubee's Closet: Open Again!

3/26/2006 Update:

Beverly got the go ahead and opened at street-level this past weekend. I’d have posted this sooner, but, you know…

Her preliminary hours are 12-8 every day but Monday. Check back for more specifics. Many various and diverse womens styles. See phone numbers, web address and more info about her shop from this past November below. At the Monroe Center.

rubee interior hoboken cs - Rubee's Closet: Open Again!
rubee exterior hoboken - Rubee's Closet: Open Again!


When we posted about this store coming soon to the street-accessible side of Monroe Center, we didn’t realize Rubee’s Closet had a shop set up in the building already! She’s on the second floor, suite E-209. Just a few steps to the right of the elevator.

We stopped by to meet Beverly and take a few pictures of the various clothing, accessories, bags, jewelry and more. She carries a eclectic array of on-trend clothes from various young and indy designers. A diverse selection to choose from.

She’s a very friendly person with a great passion for what she loves- clothing. I got a chance to see her interact with her customers and she’s very accomodating and helpful. She definitely builds a strong repoire with her clients. She’ll go out of her way to help you and make sure you’re happy with your purchase.

Progress is being made on her new location, and she hopes to open up in early 2007. She can’t wait! In the meantime, you can stop by her studio or you can also browse her website below for more.

rubee monroe 2 - Rubee's Closet: Open Again!rubee monroe 3 - Rubee's Closet: Open Again!

Clothing and other stuff coming soon to the Monroe Center for the Arts building.

Description – Women’s clothing store
Address – 1028 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Website –
Telephone – (201)981-0182

rubees closet monroe 2 - Rubee's Closet: Open Again!

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011 2:10 pm

This spot is retail space under the 1100 Adams condo building, however, it is actually on Jefferson Street

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 11:43 am

I used to live in the “NW redevelopment zone.” Tough place for a business to thrive but I wish them luck!

Friday, February 6, 2009 6:29 pm

I love this store!!! I have shopped here when she was in Monroe, and will continue to follow her. I love knowing that while other women are shopping at the mall (with almost every other female wearing the same outfit from Express…lol) the clothes I’m wearing hardly anyone else is wearing. Women, definitely check this place out!!!! And great clothes for women with figures! Me included!!! 😛

Friday, February 6, 2009 4:53 pm

I’m kind of surprised in a way that places like this, and “Hoboken Style” by NYSC, and Anastasia’s, etc actually bring in enough money to pay the bills, and still take a salary and/or pay employees. I mean sersiously, do that many people walk in and buy no-name brand random dangling earings or shirts that look like they literally were yanked from someone’s “closet” (no pun intended Rubee!) But seriously, I’d love to know what they pay in rent

Thursday, February 5, 2009 3:23 pm

Has she opened officially? I walk by. I see merchandise in the store. She is never open. I walk by at days and times that she should be open.

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