Morning Water Cooler 2/17/2010


Some interesting tidbits from New Jersey and beyond…


Judge who paved way for girls in Little League dies

Remember the story about Maria Pepe, the first female Little League player?

Well, the Judge who made that landmark ruling back in 1973 – Sylvia Pressler, passed away (from lymphoma) on Monday, February 15th.

Former NJ Governor Byrne punched in face

Brendan Byrne, who was NJ Governor from 1974 through 1982 (and also used to have an arena named after him – which I still call “The Byrne Arena…”) – was punched in the face by a “mentally ill” man while on vacation in the UK this week.

Who knows if was just a typical drunk Brit – or just an angry NJ resident who followed him to the UK and blames every past NJ politician for our current problems.

Skype and Verizon join forces

If you’re a Skype and Verizon customer, you might find this interesting… I’ve been a Skype user since the year they started – and am quite pissed they chose to partner up with Verizon (since I use a different carrier).

Are there too many “cheap” calling choices out there?

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