1415 Park Avenue History


Now Park on Park – what was it before?

The Park on Park garage at 1415 Park Avenue – is essentially a Hoboken landmark for most residents and visitors. With the giant red letters and large footprint, it’s hard to miss in the Mile Square city!

But have you ever wondered what was there in the past?

Park on Park Garage 1415 Park Avenue Hoboken NJ

An industrial testing company…

1415 Park Avenue used to be occupied by United States Testing Company, Inc., a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest control and inspection companies – SGS Group.

In America, SGS Group is known as SGS North America, and the old United States Testing Company affiliate is now known as SGS Consumer Testing Services.

… with a shady past!

While SGS Group seems to be a very reputable billion-dollar global corporation – they had their share of Hoboken corruption in years past!

Back in 1991, United States Testing Company pleaded guilty to falsifying tests for the Environmental Protection Agency in the late 80’s. They were tasked with the responsibility of determining whether various Superfund sites across the country contained toxic material. It was discovered that, for the purpose of submitting the tests faster, and with lest cost overhead, USTC took inappropriate “shortcuts” and used faked samples, non-calibrated equipment and other violations of their contract with the EPA. They were fined $100k and were ordered to pay back the nearly $900k they received for the contract.

Their faked tests impacted 171 sites across the country, and had to be eventually re-tested by the EPA.

Not sure whether that was the sole reason why the United States Testing Company left Hoboken – but it’s my guess it had something to do with it. SGS has over 1,000 locations world wide, 100+ in America and six in New Jersey. Their American headquarters is on Route 17 in Rutherford, NJ.

As you might recall – back in 2007, there was talk about converting this location into more high-rises as well as a charter school…

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