Hobokenite’s giant beach blankets!


Helping out at home instead of abroad

Even though there are countless charities and benefits around the world clamoring for your money, you might be interested in a very local way you can help others – and get something great in return!

Hoboken resident Dawne De Angelis started a basic online shop as a hobby some time ago – selling useful giant beach blankets as a way to supplement her income.

So I figured I’d give her a little shout-out, as well as give you all an opportunity to pick up one of these jumbo blankets for this spring and summer, while supporting a local Hobokenite at the same time. Best of luck, Dawne!

Sunny’s Beach Blankets

Sunny’s Beach Shop makes the largest quality Beach/Picnic Blanket on the market Today for the price!!

Each generously oversized 7ft (84″) x 7’ft (84″) blanket has 4- four corner sand pockets and 4-sturdy pegs to anchor the blanket in the sand or ground. Your Family will enjoy many beautiful days at the beach or park on our Jumbo blankets.

Our Blankets will NEVER BLOW AWAY!!”

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Can these be customized?