Car fire – uptown BP station

Nothing major. Firefighters put it out in a hurry.

But I’m wondering what the driver was thinking?
“Hmm, my car is on fire, I better hurry up and pull into this gas station that has 50,000 gallons of highly flammable fluid right nearby!!”

7:59pm update: See pictures sent in from reader mjf474 below. He got there a bit before me and had a fantastic digital zoom SLR. Pics are terrific.

bp car fire 1 - Car fire - uptown BP station
bp car fire 2 - Car fire - uptown BP station

From mjf474:

bp fire1 - Car fire - uptown BP station
bp fire2 - Car fire - uptown BP station
bp fire4 - Car fire - uptown BP station

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There is usually a few cents diff between the hess and bp. But i usually end up spending more because the hess is crazy with the amount of time it takes to get served. Has anyone heard that they are trying to do away with having to have full service in nj? that would be wonderful.


I pulled into HESS on tuesday and all the pumps were blocked – don’t know what the was, so maybe that is why they are still showing last week’s prices.


timber – I was totally thinking the same thing! And I saw in the background how HESS is $2.95 – much higher for being next door. Then again, any time I’ve tried to get gas at HESS, it is a 15 min wait mimimum. And the one time I did wait, the employee was talking on his cell phone while pumping my gas. I almost had an anxiety attack after reading how that is such a fire hazard!


gas is $2.83 there, may have to fill up there before my trip to philly tomorrow


Wow! you are fast! I was just there and shot some photos myself, and was going to send you a few. I only live a block away. I uploaded to my computer and then checked the site for an email address to send them, and there’s already photos up!! nice.