Presidential Breakfast Nuggets


Happy Presidents Day to everyone! I hope you all (well, most of you at least) enjoy your day off – and get much accomplished – whether it be work, rest or play! Got a few nuggets for you this morning!

Holiday Closures!

Today is a Federal and State holiday, with pretty much everything government-related closed. What else is closed or revised today?

  • Transportation: NJ Transit, the PATH and NY Waterway Ferries are on Holiday / Sunday Schedules.
  • Hoboken City Services: City Hall, Hoboken Public Schools and the Public Library are closed.
  • Banks: Almost all banks – with the exception of I believe TD Banknorth – are closed.
  • Postal and Parcel Delivery: The United States Post Office is not delivering – except express packages – but both UPS and FedEx are operating normal delivery schedules.

Happy Birthday Hoboken411, Sr.!

How about a B-Day shout-out to Hoboken411 Senior – who turns a young 87 today! And still going strong as ever!

A little messy snow heading our way?

Weather forecasters are debating about it again, but it seems like we’re going to get some kind of snow event tonight into tomorrow morning. Whether it mixes with rain, or where the system goes will impact how much we get. But anticipate a couple inches and some added headaches to your Tuesday morning commute.

Big soccer trophy on display at Mulligan’s

And in case you’re a huge soccer follower – you can swing by Mulligan’s (159 First St.) this afternoon from 4-6pm to take a gander at the UEFA Champions League Trophy – which is a fairly big deal in soccer circles. Barcelona is currently the proud holders of the trophy.

This event is sponsored by Heineken – and the trophy is taking a tour of the United States. Memorabilia and other promotional items can be won as well.

Have a great day everyone!

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