Sinatra Idol Eric DeLauro


“A little bit of Heaven…”

Reminder, that Eric DeLauro will be performing at this weekend’s OLG FunFest at 2pm!

Eric DeLauro Nolan Frank Sinatra Impersonator and Idol for hire


Did you know that the Sinatra Idol winner is available for hire?

Eric DeLauro wants all the Hoboken411 readers to know!

Sinatra Idol available to perform at your next event!

“I won the Sinatra IDOL singing contest and offer Hoboken Style Entertainment. It is very Hoboken Historic and still Hoboken Centric -It’s all good and positive.

We have to celebrate Mr. Sinatra! How many kids from a poor tough neighborhood dream of making it big and become International stars? It’s all just too amazing. And his history is Hoboken too – it’s good to celebrate it.”

For my audiences, I always strive to share compelling music and performance quality. It’s the very least I can do to pay them for all their respect, support and love.”

Description: Eric DeLauro-Nolan: Frank Sinatra Idol and impersonator for hire.
Web: and
Phone: (201)456-6777

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