Holdup at Church Square Park – reader reported

I didn’t hear about this one, but it’s apparent that the area near Church Square Park is becoming a stomping ground for deliquent and criminal young males to rob people.

As sent in by a reader of Hoboken411, this holdup AT GUNPOINT took place on early Tuesday morning the 22nd at approximately 1:30am.

He said: “On Willow, between 4th and 5th. Two very young males. One Hispanic, one light skinned black. They were on the opposite side of the street when we noticed each other and one crossed to my side. Once I saw this I made my way across the street and as I did the one who crossed scurried to my side ushered me in between two parked cars. I went to grab his neck and his pal shoved a pistol into my side on my left. They only got $35 but still, not too much fun. Amazingly, there were Police 35 ft away in Church Square Park busting some others that were doing the same thing. Unfortunately, the two that rolled me slipped by. Quite frustrating.”

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Especially considering NJ.com has often pull posts that were critical of Roberts and other Hoboken insiders.

Thankfully Hoboken411 is better than that.


Give him a break, he doesn’t post often and it’s entirely possible he didn’t know about the pages turning over.

God, everyone on this site is so quick to stomp on someone. 😈


[quote comment=”12148″]My mistake[/quote]

Isn’t that what campos said?

Tony, here’s some help:



My mistake


TonyS what do you mean by “despite the post pulled down”

Your post is still there