Bad or “No big deal?”


Hoboken411 receives quite a few reader photos and letters each week (why else do you think I need a 1 Terabyte Gmail account?), and as any sensible publisher – not every picture and Hoboken gripe can make it online (for a myriad of reasons: quality, time-sensitivity, post schedule, relevance, etc.).

However, while I wasn’t going to publish this current entry – I figured I’d poll the Hoboken audience to see what you think about this particular photo and reader mail – since it’s about taxpayer funded employees.

Hoboken parking authority employee on cell phone all day long - Bad or "No big deal?"

Are personal calls OK for certain jobs?

Many of you might have had run-ins with a superior at work at some given point in your careers – where your productivity and “personal time” may have come into question. Whether it’s surfing the web, taking longer lunches, or talking on the phone.

One anonymous Hoboken411 reader has a problem with a meter maid in Hoboken – who, according to them – is on the phone practically every time they see her.

“I always see this meter maid on her cell phone. I decided to take the picture because the town should be aware of where their money goes. This lady is on her phone day in and out. My tax dollars pay for her to write tickets and nothing else. There is a time and a place for personal time and while on the clock is not the time. This town is full of crap and enforcing town workers to be doing their work should be done. I have seen this lady write tickets while on the phone as well and I’m sure many readers have too, she is hard to miss.”

While I initially came to the defense of this employee – because writing tickets is a monotonous task, and in-between vehicles is essentially down time one way or another. She’s not responsible for the safety of residents, just writing tickets. However, what nudged me to poll the readers was a recent post about a blatantly inaccurate parking summons that inconvenienced a local business owner.

Is this bad or not?

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Thursday, February 11, 2010 1:25 pm

Here is my question:

Which amount is greater?

A. Her salary, Health Benefits (for life), pension for life, and cell phone bill.

B. The amount of tickets she writes?

Here is a simple math problem:

“If A GT B then why have B?”

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