Hoboken road work continues…

5/1/2010 Update:

Incredible machinery at work in Hoboken

While Hoboken has been inconvenienced a bit over the past couple weeks with the street paving courtesy of Hudson County – it’ll be over soon enough. There are still dozens of roads left to tend to (yeah – like we’ll see this happening again in our future).

But I’m personally mesmerized at the cool engineering show that English Paving has been putting on. Here’s a brief clip showing one of the coolest set of paving toys in action:

See gobs of other updates for this monumental occasion in the mile square – after the jump!

4/27/2010 Update:

12:51am Update: Water service restored.

11:42pm Update: Some uptown residents are still without water – and United Water expects to restore service by 1:00am.

Failing Hoboken infrastructure ruins freshly paved road

A couple interesting things of note today. For one, it seems road work stopped the past two days because of rain – so adjust the tentative paving schedule accordingly.

More importantly, Hoboken’s crumbling infrastructure made a cameo this afternoon. A pipe underneath Hudson Street between 12th and 13th Streets broke, and required emergency repair from United Water. So much for the smooth roads. I’d expect similar instances to happen in the near future. You can barely sneeze in Hoboken without some kind of pipe breaking.

And did you know that the pipe leading to this fire hydrant was only a four inch pipe? Officials said that this and many other pipes in town are TOO SMALL to effectively extinguish fires in the surrounding large buildings (Hello Liability Lawyer!) In this case, the hydrant was being retro-fitted with a six inch pipe to allow for more water throughput.

Lastly, since the damaged pipe belongs to the city – United Water is billing Hoboken for the repairs. **cough** tax hike ** cough **

See photo gallery and “fitting” video below!

4/23/2010 Update:

Phase 3: Paving (how smooth!)

Some Hoboken streets have the pleasure of receiving a fresh new coat of asphalt this week! Big hat tip to English Paving and Hudson County for improving the lives of Hoboken residents, even if just a smidge!

As I’ve mentioned before the cost for these fantastic upgrades, is some traffic congestion, which you can’t avoid. Additionally, Hoboken residents have expressed some amount of worry, despite the smoother, quieter streets. The fact that the county has relinquished responsibility for these roads, leaving the Hoboken government in charge of their care “we may not see another re-paving this millennium!” (that’d be the year 3000).

In other words – enjoy what ya got!

4/21/2010 Update:

Phase 2: Street Grooving

In news that immediately affects many more Hoboken residents than stuff like the Board of Education Election, Hudson County is now on Phase 2 of their paving project here in the Mile Square.

This week, English Paving is preparing the designated streets across town by grooving and removing old, uneven pavement before they can apply the nice, smooth asphalt next week. No matter what anyone tells you, Hoboken residents will have to temporarily suffer in some shape or form for the next two weeks. Whether it’s traffic redirection or minor delays – the price we all have to pay for less kidney-jarring road surfaces is WELL WORTH IT. Just plan accordingly, and you’ll be A-OK! Capeesh?

Cool industrial equipment at work in Hoboken!

And for those of you who love heavy equipment, but are “unfortunate” enough to have a job that takes you out of Hoboken during the day, here’s a neat video of this amazing feat of engineering – a giant asphalt milling cutter. PS: Hoboken Dads – show your young kids this video – they’ll love it!

4/13/2010 Update:

Phase 1: Handicap Ramps

English Paving crews were all over Hoboken today, working on either updating old handicap ramps, or installing new ones. Remember this month in history, folks – as it’s the last time the County will be tending to these particular roads, which will be the City’s responsibility (i.e., cost) going forward. This is a payback from the Roberts’ Administration.

4/9/2010 Update:

It’s about time they did their job!

Lighting the fire under the pants of City Hall for the past few months has finally succeeded!

Road restoration for select streets in Hoboken is set to begin next week, and will comprise of: Handicap ramps, street grooving, then finally paving.

(Note: Entire schedule is approximate and subject to change)

Hoboken NJ street resurfacting paving April 2010

Handicap Ramp Construction

Concrete work which consists in the construction of handicap ramps will start:
Tuesday, April 13th to Friday April 16th at the following locations:

  • 15th Street at Willow Avenue
  • 15th Street at Park Avenue
  • Hudson Street at 10th Street
  • Park Avenue at 2nd Street, 7th Street, 10th Street and 11th Street.
  • Newark Street at Adams Street and Jefferson Street.

Street grooving and milling

Friday, April 16th:

  • 16th St. (Willow to Park)
  • 15th St. (Willow to Park )
  • 14th St. (Willow to Hudson)

Monday, April 19th:

  • Hudson St. (14th to 8th)

Tuesday, April 20th:

  • Hudson St. (8th to 3rd)

Wednesday, April 21st:

  • Hudson St. (3rd to Observer)
  • Newark St. (Hudson to River)

Thursday, April 22nd:

  • Garden St. (Newark to Observer)
  • Garden St. (4th to 7th)

Friday, April 23rd:

  • Garden St. (7th Street to 14th)

Monday, April 26th:

  • Park Ave. (11th to 7th)

Tuesday, April 27th:

  • Park Ave. (7th to Observer)

Wednesday, April 28th:

  • Newark St. (Willow to Monroe)

Asphalt Paving Schedule

Hoboken Paving April 2010
Wednesday, April 21st:

  • 16th St. (Willow to Park)
  • 15th St. (Willow to Park)
  • 14th St. (Willow to Hudson)
  • Hudson St. (14th to 11th)

Thursday, April 22nd:

  • Hudson St. (12th to 2nd)

Friday, April 23rd:

  • Hudson St. (2nd to Observer)
  • Newark St. (Hudson to River)
  • Garden St. (Observer to Newark)

Monday, April 26th:

  • Garden St. (4th to 14th)

Tuesday, April 27th:

  • Park Ave. (11th to Newark)

Wednesday, April 28th:

  • Park Ave. (Newark to Observer)
  • Newark St. (Willow to Monroe)

While this is a good start for some of the trouble areas – it represents less than 8% of all the road surfaces in Hoboken – so we have much work to do still!

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3/15/2010 Update #2:

Let the sinking begin!

Many residents are now calling HPD with various reports of “sinkholes” beginning to form around Hoboken. Two in particular were along Garden Street at 8th and 10th. Although I believe the dip in the road at 10th Street has been there for while, and the asphalt hasn’t broken yet.

It’s doubtful if all this road repair is included in that 0.5% tax cut budget.

Government transparency: Invisible asphalt

I have to take back the “it’s about time” update from last week (i.e. “pothole repair”) – because it seems that the roads in town are just as bad as they’ve been.

Since I’ve nominated 14th and Hudson to be the sad poster child for the horrific road conditions in Hoboken – here’s today’s update: Still peppered with holes.

Hmmm – I wonder what the reasons are? Were last week’s road repair vehicles just Hollywood props? Maybe they were just having lunch at Hudson Tavern while pretending to work? Let’s see – they can’t blame the snow plows or Toll Brothers, so what is it? Water-soluble asphalt? I’m not ready to give up yet, but this is getting ridiculous!

Potholes still prevalent in Hoboken NJ Hudson Street

3/11/2010 Update:

Band-aids applied to gaping wounds in Hoboken

Well some bitter-sweet good news to report: Some potholes are being patched up in Hoboken this week.

While this somewhat stymies the widespread damage cars may receive as a result of the shell-shocking impact of these deep craters – we have a long way to go. Hoboken’s title may change from “Pothole Capital of NJ” to “Birthplace of Kidney Stones.”

Hoboken411 reader Philip who sent this image in from 14th and Hudson Streets said: “One down, 834 more to go!”

Pothole repair at 14th and Hudson Streets Hoboken NJ

3/3/2010 Update:

Reaching epidemic proportions!

Perhaps the City Council, “Transportation Czar,” and Mayor should listen to the Hoboken411 Live Police and Fire Action Channel from time to time – because when you start hearing about the potholes across Hoboken causing major damage to vehicles (blown tires, destroyed rims) – something needs to be done immediately!

One “danger zone” on Hudson Street between 14th and 10th is getting so bad now, that southbound cars are driving across the double-yellow line to avoid the “craters.” I witnessed two near-collisions myself. The noise the unlucky drivers make when they roll over these destructive pits is so gut-wrenching, even dogs howl!

While I don’t wish anyone suffer because of these horrific roads, maybe some action will be taken once a city official wrecks their own car (or bike?)


Hoboken’s streets may be the worst in the country

Myself and countless other residents agree: You can drive practically anywhere else, but only when you return to Hoboken is when you notice how kidney-jarring poorly maintained roads feel like.

For as long as I can remember, ZERO DOLLARS were included in Hoboken’s municipal budgets for road maintenance. Hoboken has always expected a hand-out from the state, which “allowed” us to fix a handful of roads. A couple hundred grand to fix over 32 linear miles of streets? This is exactly why the city always has horrific spots that residents either avoid, or find out the hard way when their vehicles get damaged.

Here are just two examples of the forever deteriorating streets in the Mile Square. Send in your trouble spots!

Hudson between 14th and 10th

Massive and damaging potholes on Hudson Street between 14th and 10th Hoboken NJ

Hoboken411 reader David says:

“Hello 411… Thank you for the valuable content on our local community.

I’ve never been more compelled to write to you asking for your help in raising the issue of road conditions (again) in Hoboken. Many streets have deteriorated so badly, they are impassable.

Take Hudson Street for example, the very street that I live on. Have you seen Hudson Street from 14th to about 10th street? The west side of the street is so ridden and prevalent with potholes, err craters, that it is now simply not usable. Most traffic is now one lane simply to avoid the prospect of damage to our vehicles.

I welcome any point of contact in City Hall to begin a dialogue. I’m sure residents have plenty of other ‘danger zones’ to speak of.

Thanks for listening.

Concerned citizen,

8th Street Hudson to Washington Canyon

I’ve received many complaints about these two GIANT potholes on 8th Street between Hudson and Washington. Folks have lost time at work because of the time needed to get their cars repaired after hitting these DEEP and SHARP holes exactly where your car tires are. And to avoid these, you come dangerously close to hitting a parked vehicle.

Massive and damaging potholes on 8th Street Hoboken NJ

What to do about it? File claims with City Hall!

Get your money back from Hoboken for damaged vehiclesAlong with the Police and Fire Departments, keeping our roads and sidewalks safe (and passable) is an ESSENTIAL CITY SERVICE. They cannot use budget excuses to cover themselves. These roads must be repaired, and promptly.

If your car is damaged because of city negligence, I recommended that you file a claim against the city somehow. Whether it’s time wasted, or even an insurance deductible, the city is responsible, and should PAY YOU BACK for damages and time lost.

  • Anyone know a good lawyer that would handle one or multiple resident’s complaints?
  • Would a class-action lawsuit work?
  • How many of you have had damage occur to your car because of Hoboken city negligence?
  • How many of you are fed up with the state of basic affairs in Hoboken?

With this week’s snow storm, and ensuing plowing, salting and more – expect the conditions to get worse – much worse.

Be vigilant, and get reimbursed for each and every out-of-pocket expense or time lost you occur due to city negligence!

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Friday, May 7, 2010 12:03 pm

Hey, with Hudson now parallel parking instead of angle, the street is really wide. I doubt they are going to make it two lanes, but people are using it as such. Just an observation. Seems like potential trouble to me!

Reply to  hoboken411
Thursday, May 6, 2010 8:59 am

They must be behind schedule, because Park Ave was closed today at 10th Street.

I guess English Paving is too busy backing into people’s cars.

In response to hoboken411 who said:

Wednesday’s resurfacing schedule:
Milling: Garden St. – 14th to 6th streets
Paving: Park Ave. – 5th to 11th streets

(Advil and Xanax not included…)

Saturday, May 1, 2010 6:45 pm

Well, that paving machine is quite fast. Nice that the road reopens only view hours later, bad that the road top will in my opinion not stay very long smooth. The Europeans normally also renew the base cours and the paving takes much longer. The thing is only finished in weeks, not hours.

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