Hoboken Snow Sculptures


The nasty cold and blowing snow brought out the creativity in Hoboken folks today. Along with some snowmen at Elysian Park – here are a few others submitted today!

Jersey Shore’s Pauly D gets immortalized (until he melts)

Hoboken411 reader Kim sent in these shots of a Pauly D (from MTV’s Jersey Shore series) likeness – and thought you’d all get a kick out of it…

Pauly D Snow Sculpture Hoboken NJ Feb 10 2010 SM

Colossal Snow Man at Columbus Park

Hoboken411 reader Mike said:

“Attached are 3 photos of the 8.5-9 foot snowman that my girlfriend Cass, roommate John and I made. Thought they might be good enough to make the Hoboken photos. The young kid’s name is Matthew. He wandered by with his mom and helped us put on the finishing touches!”

9 foot snowman at columbus park Hoboken NJ Feb 10 2010 SM

Who says Hoboken doesn’t have a strong enough “arts community?”

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