Thomas Francis Takes His Chances


If a “Gypsy Psycho Synth Garage Rock Trash Band…” piques your interest – swing by Maxwell’s (11th and Washington) this Friday at 10pm to catch Thomas Francis Takes His Chances!

Thomas Francis takes his chances plays Maxwells Hoboken NJ

Thomas Francis Takes His Chances Maxwell’s

On Friday Feb. 12th 2010…

“This New Jersey 7-piece gypsy psycho synth garage rock trash band from Jersey City will be celebrating the release of their highly anticipated 1st studio album “Don’t give up on me Dad” at Maxwell’s 1039 Washington Street, Hoboken, Friday Feb. 12th at 10PM presented by Dancing Tony.

From accordions to guitars, melodicas to synths, combined with the brash story telling of lead singer and piano player Lizzie Kenny and her brother Felz sharing lead vocals and glockenspiel, this band is a sonic kaleidoscope. Heavy bass and drums have leveled every room they’ve played thus far.

Along with opening act The Invincible Gods this will be an underground carnival of tattooed sound waves. TFTHC has garnered special notoriety for their intense live performances and have an artistic, DIY approach to everything they do. This will be a show you won’t want tho mas.”

Here’s a recent song called “Fight Nihjt:”



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