Big street fight – Madison Bar

Multiple callers have just reported a street fight at the Madison Bar & Grill on 14th and Washington.

I guess the drunken tools got out of control tonight. Probably over a girl, as usual.

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Say all you want, it’s still the best place to go on a Tuesday or Thursday night in town if you want to be around people.

There are plenty of guys that aren’t wearing pink or buttondowns. Though there are plenty that are.


You guys are forgetting the victims, think of all those pink shirts getting all messy and wrinkled!! The horror…


1/2 priced drinks all night on Thursdays can have that effect on some people….not the first time and not the last. at least there were no gun shots or stabbings reported…


Color me shocked – a bunch of drunken overgrown fratboys got frisky with each other… wonder if they were fighting about whose collar was higher or which hair gel offered the best hold?