Police birthday wishes

Despite what everyone says from time to time (myself included), being a police officer anywhere is still a tough job. And although each municipality has their issues, our police department still does a pretty decent job dealing with many of the problems we have here. They’re not ALL just sitting around eating donuts 24/7. But we’re far from perfect, and there’s tons of room for improvement across the board.

But when they are working, it’s not an easy task dealing with the drunks, the attitudes and the overwhelming number of vehicular incidents. They definitely need more walking patrols to maybe help prevent some of the actual crimes amongst other things. But this is something City Hall isn’t really paying too much attention to.

Anyway, one of the regular dispatchers at PD headquarters, Santos, had a birthday today. We send him Happy Birthday wishes. Good job keeping order with the squad (that you have available).

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I am so tired of hearing people slam cops for stopping to have a cup of coffee or something to eat. Most business people get a decent lunch hour (Sometimes mostly liquid) and several coffee breaks during the day, so what’s wrong with a cop getting a breather? Most people don’t have the nerve or the balls to do the kind of work a cop does. Do you tell your dentist how to fix your teeth? Do you tell your accountant how to do your taxes? But you’re real quick to judge a cop’s behavior. Try doing his job of just one day and see if you can handle it.