Hoboken Incident Action 2/4/2010

2/8/2010 Update:

Sorry for the “multiple story post” – didn’t think these stories would blow up the way they did… But here’s a good news update for the Hit & Run incident that was included here…

Hit and Run Driver Arrested by Hoboken Police

“Hoboken Police have made an arrest of a driver who struck a pedestrian, and fled the scene on Friday, February 5, 2010 at 235 River Street, right near the W Hotel entrance. The victim was a 44 year-old male resident of Ramsey, NJ. The victim sustained injuries requiring medical treatment at the Jersey City Medical Center.

W Hotel Hit and Run 3rd and River Hoboken NJ Mario Barbato Arrested - Hoboken Incident Action 2/4/2010

Witnesses at the scene provided police with a description of the driver as well as the vehicle that fled and a license plate number. Police traced this information to a 2009 Nissan/Murano, color/gray to a person in North Brunswick, NJ. The subsequent police investigation was also aided by the utilization of video from surveillance cameras in the area that confirmed the witness’s statements to police. A BOLO was sent to the North Brunswick Police Department to attempt to locate the vehicle and driver who fled.

A short time later, North Brunswick PD did notify Hoboken Police that the vehicle was located, and had damage consistent with a recent accident. Detective Arturo Gonzalez then contacted the driver, who initially denied being in any accident or striking a pedestrian in Hoboken. A short time later the driver, identified as: Mario G. Barbato, Age 45 of North Brunswick, NJ appeared in the Detective Bureau and when confronted with the evidence, gave a full and voluntary video confession indicating he did strike the victim and fled the scene of the earlier accident. Mr. Barbato was arrested and charged with: 1) Knowingly Leaving the Scene of an Accident 2) Assault by Auto and 3) Endangering/Leaving an Injured Victim in addition to a motor vehicle summons for Leaving the Scene of an Accident by P/O Adam Colon.

Mr. Barbato is scheduled to make an initial appearance in court this week. According to Lieutenant Mark Competello, Detective Bureau Commander this is another instance where technology and assist from the public culminated in an arrest, “Anytime citizens provide police with this type of information, it adds another tool to aid police in making an apprehension or arrest of an individual, or in this case a vehicle.” The HPD is grateful for the assistance of these citizens, who surely aided the investigation and the swift apprehension and arrest of the actor.”

2/5/2010 Update:

Third dog present, no involvement with mauling

An update to last night’s Pit Bull mauling…

Neighbors living at Constitution Court gave Hoboken411 some additional information regarding the crazy scene last night. First of all, the Pit Bull “Giant” was owned by a tenant named “Hutch,” who is an Applied Housing employee. He had adopted this dog, believed to be in the neighborhood of about three years old within the last 12 months. His 26 year old girlfriend “Tash” (Natasha) was one of the victims that was injured. She had her own dog, a cute grey Terrier named “Gracie” (pictured below.) During the whole frenzy, the ASPCA was going to take her away too, but Paul Michael apparel shop owner graciously (no pun intended) took in the dog until it can return home. Apparently, Natasha’s mother is coming to Hoboken from her hometown in Pennsylvania.

The second Pit Bull (name unknown) was not a tenant of the apartment, but rather was visiting with a friend.

Details are a bit unclear as to exactly how the mayhem began, but area neighbors believe it was a “aligning of the planets” kind of situation, where drunken and slightly agitated humans, mixed with multiple dogs in the same apartment led to the unruly and bloody incident. Others told 411 that they felt the owners were unfit to care for these dogs.

In fact, if you followed Hoboken411’s Twitter Page, you would have seen that this same Pit Bull bit a roommate back on January 29th – so this incident came as no surprise to anyone.

Here’s a shot of the Gracie – who said “I had nothing to do with this incident – I just wanted to sleep!”

Third dog present at the pit bull mauling in Hoboken NJ a terrier named Gracie which belonged to female - Hoboken Incident Action 2/4/2010


(Incident Action 2/4/2010, continued…)

More on the Pit Bull Mauling…

A Hoboken411 reader sent in this picture of “Giant” the Pit Bull that was shot and killed last night after mauling three people.

Pit Bull named Giant that was shot and killed in Hoboken NJ - Hoboken Incident Action 2/4/2010

Video from Fox 5 News, too – glad to be of service guys!


Pit Bull bites and more…

Sometimes Hoboken can be very slow and peaceful, and at other times you’ll have civil service employees running all over the town. Tonight is one of those nights… (SEE COMMENTS FOR UPDATES ON CRAZY DOG-BITE INCIDENT…)

W Hotel Hit and Run 3rd and River Hoboken NJ - Hoboken Incident Action 2/4/2010

Probably another drunk moron from the W Hotel

About 15 minutes in the past, a hit and run – pedestrian struck was reported near the W Hotel at 3rd and River Streets.

The vehicle was reportedly driven by a “nice dressed white male with a red tie” who was driving a beige 2009 Nissan Murano from North Brunswick, NJ. Police didn’t find the car which fled the scene, and reported the tags over the NJ SPEN network.

The gentleman that was hit didn’t suffer fatal injuries, but officers reported he was “pretty banged up.” He was transported to Jersey City Medical Center (not HUMC where the Botch-Doc works). Hopefully he’s OK.

Marion Towers Hoboken Florence Amato Cardiac Arrest Parking Authority - Hoboken Incident Action 2/4/2010

Scary situation at Marion Towers

About half an hour in the past – an “unconscious male – possible DOA – MOS member” (city employee) was reported at Marion Towers – 400 First Street, Apartment 12J.

According to public records, Andrew Amato, Sr. – a former Hoboken Councilman is listed at living at that address. When police arrived, they said he was in cardiac arrest, and they were performing CPR on the victim. Last I heard they were transporting the patient to HUMC. No further word on his condition.

Update: According to sources, the victim was former Hoboken Councilman Andrew Amato, Sr. and that he has passed away. Rest in peace.

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King of Rock
King of Rock
Friday, February 12, 2010 8:31 pm

Go USA…..

Friday, February 12, 2010 12:47 pm

I read that article about Vick’s pit bull. Would I allow my child’s face right up close to his, no way. I would never have complete trust. But I do agree, when you give a dog compassion it will respond in kind. I have heard Giant was not treated this way. I don’t know these people but have heard from people that do that the dog was mistreated. What did the guy think was going to happen when he punched the dog in the face? This is where the dog’s breed takes over, a smaller dog might react, a golden would probably do nothing but whimper, but you sure know a Pit bull won’t let it slide and the damage is gonna be be far worse if not fatal. It’s a sad situation and it has more to do with the owner but whatever the reason you can’t put people at risk.

Friday, February 12, 2010 12:39 pm

Hudson makes a good point and I’ll take it a step further.

Unless we can keep PBTs out of the hands of the incompetent these attacks will continue apace.

The fact that PBTs are the dog of choice among the very people who are not good at managing their own lives, let alone dangerous animals, leads me to think that legislative action (restrictions or outright bans) is the only practical choice.

Some countries have already taken this step (australia among them I think).

Friday, February 12, 2010 12:09 pm

The thing that gets me is that it sounds like (from what people are saying) that there were warning signs. That there had been an earlier emergency and that people had witness one of the dog owners abusing the dog. None of the people claiming to have seen the abuse answered my question about what they did about it.

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