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Hoboken Photo of the Day – 2/4/2010

Have any of you tried this Manhattan Special Espresso Coffee Soda yet?

I tried it for the first time last month (over at M & P Biancamano’s at 1116 Washington Street) – and I’m glad I did! You’d think that a coffee soda would be disgusting – quite the opposite. It’s main ingredient is “pure coffee,” and the taste is great! They have both regular and diet versions. A fantastic and refreshing pick me up. $2 a bottle.

411 tip: Make sure it’s ICE COLD, and be careful if opening after moving it around – it can (and will) foam up quick and spill all over the place.

Manhattan Special Espresso Coffee Soda available at Biancamanos Hoboken NJ

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Had this once. Not crazy about it. I know H411,more for you to drink (just kidding) The coffee tequila is vile. That tastes like mud sweetened.


Haven’t tried the soda, but didn’t think coffee tequila would be any good, either.


The diet version is actually decent, too.