Hudson Restaurant Week Redo

2/22/2010 Update:

One more try…

Hudson Restaurant Week seems to have been hampered a bit by our big snow event earlier this month – and is back again this week for a “snowed over do over.” However, we may once again be in store for both really soggy wet weather – as well as more potential snow again this week. Bummer!


In case you were looking for some prix fixe deals this week and next – be aware the the first installment of Hudson Restaurant week is happening NOW, and through February 12th.

Hudson Restaurant Week February 2010 Hoboken NJ

Hudson Restaurant Week through February 12th

“Hudson Restaurant Week has already started and runs until February 12th. New to the list is Hoboken Bar & Grill. Other Hoboken restaurants include: 3Forty, Amanda’s, Arthur’s Tavern, Brass Rail, Clinton Social, Elysian Café, Gaslight, Madison, The Quays, Trinity and Zylo Steakhouse. Also, with Valentine’s Weekend coming up – avoid the expensive prix-fixe menus and dine out on the last day Friday February 12th (reservations going fast).”

You can check the above links here on Hoboken411 for contact info, menus and reader reviews to see if a place deserves your business!

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Agree, I think these promotional weeks are played out now. In today’s economy, the restaurants have to earn their regular customers and probably take a loss during promotions such as restaurant week. $9.99 price fix will get many more diners out to taste their wonderful food. I bet they see no spike in business or profits.


i agree the $35 per person establishments are a joke thats what the nyc restaurants were charging for their restaurant week..$25 places seems like a good deal for 3 courses..


My experience with “restaurant week” in any town is that most restaurants use the free publicity to fleece new customers. It costs more than normal to eat out that week.


The list of Hoboken establishments has further dwindled down. I don’t think most restaurants seem to understand the point of Restaurant Week, as their Restaurant Week menus cost the same as if you were to order the three courses à la carte. One exception is Gaslight, which lets you order almost any appetizer, entree, or dessert off their menu for $25.