New Bank of America ATM location

In case some of you never get uptown, there are two new drive-thru Bank of America ATM’s located at the 19th and Willow intersection near the Lincoln Tunnel entrance.

Not sure why they wasted such a prime location, but then again, this dumpy area isn’t so prime, so being in the safety of your own car while withdrawing cash from an ATM may not be such a bad idea.

bank of america drive up atm 1 - New Bank of America ATM location
bank of america drive up atm 2 - New Bank of America ATM location

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My wife’s been by there, but I haven’t….long story.


Colin – hysterical.


Sorry Lily, I assume everyone knows its there. It used to be the shadiest place on the planet but about a two or three years ago they totally upgraded the place and made it very nice.

PS I have only heard all this second hand of course because I have never actually been there in person…….


ok so apparently there’s a strip joint on the border of hoboken and weehawken, which i now know no thanks to you guys [not] spelling it out for me 🙂
and no, i don’t feel sorry or ignorant that i wasn’t aware of it!


i hope that’s sarcasm Lily