Hoboken Biz Update Month!


An update a day…

Oscar on a pile of papers in Hoboken NJRunning Hoboken411.com for the past 1,400 days has been quite a daunting task.

Covering the wide spectrum of stories, events, and other fun features each week – on top of an entire business directory of the Mile Square is an accomplishment no other individual has ever been able to achieve!

And as you very well know, businesses continually come and go, change locations, update their “looks” and so on. Some establishments (like a new bar or restaurant) are more exciting than others (like a dry cleaner, Realtor, etc.) That, coupled with how busy (or lazy or otherwise occupied) I might be, some updates get overlooked, put aside or postponed until some other day. The problem is, procrastination is easy, and after a while, you have an insurmountable mountain of them.

So I decided to give myself a little structure this month – and will try my best to publish at least one “Hoboken411 business update” per day (starting tomorrow). A 96% complete directory is not satisfactory to me! God knows what I’ll find when I search through my archives of notes.

Updates may include: New entries to (or deletions from) the 411 Directory, changed locations, new menus, added services, and more. If there are any in particular that you think belong as part of this month-long series – just shoot me an email at hoboken411@gmail.com and I’ll add it to the list (if it’s not already.) If you’ve emailed me in the past – and I just haven’t gotten to it – please feel free to remind me, and I’ll give you priority!

Hoboken business update month February 2010 Hoboken411 2

Hoboken Businesses updated in February 2010

I’ll keep a running tab of the business updates posted this month below. Hopefully I don’t get too burned out!

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