Dozzino Artisanal Pizza: Now Open!

11/17/2010 Update:

The wait is over Hoboken: Dozzino Pizza now open!

The boys at Dozzino Pizza are finally open at 534 Adams Street.

Hoboken411 attended a friends & family gathering last night to mingle and get a behind the scenes look at the new neighborhood pizza restaurant.

Browse through the self-explanatory photos below – and stop by today at 8am. Yes, you read that right: 8:00am. Dozzino’s is much like a typical business in Italy – even though they may not be officially serving pizza until closer to lunch time (11:30am or so – until the oven has heated up), their doors are open to the residents, who are welcome to come in, buy a cup of espresso, sit & relax, read the paper and make friends.

The back of the Dozzino Menu sums up the true community feel they bring to Hoboken:

“Johnny, my cousin Rob and I wanna buy that building on my block and open a pizza shop… will you run the construction for us?”

“No, I don’t want to run the job, I want in.”

Well, that might not be an exact quote-but take that moment… mix it with a moment of true clarity while visiting my dad’s & aunt’s home town of Gaeta, ltaly with Rob… combine that with the desire for great food (pizza!) … a feeling of closeness to the community… and don’t forget to add the skilled craftsmanship of Uncle Rob… and incredible support from our parents &families (we’re beyond thankful)… and that’s what got us to this point.

Hoboken, we bring you DOZZINO. It was truly created out of love. We want OUR tables to feel like YOUR family tables. We’re hoping you hang with us for a long time.

– Marc, Rob & Johnny

Welcome to the Neighborhood, Dozzino!

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9/9/2010 Update:

Dozzino Pizza hopes to open in a few weeks!

Area residents are thrilled. Hoboken411 is thrilled. Another authentic (BYOB) brick oven pizza restaurant coming to Hoboken is practically the best news one can hope for in the Mile Square!

A few tidbits:

  • The cheese you’ll get on a Dozzino Pizza will be unlike any other (more on that later)
  • A new style of dining. Several large communal tables will be used to promote community and conversation. Rare in Hoboken!
  • A cool fact about the new restaurant is that they took the 300 year-old pine that was used throughout the building to construct the bar, and many tables and rafters inside.
  • The outdoor area will start out with just a few tables – but will be used more for “after dinner” mingling and relaxation with other patrons.
  • Lastly – the owners really would like to have LOCAL Hoboken residents employed here – so please get the word out that they’re hiring!

Here’s a quick photo gallery of the progress – more to come very soon! (keep your saliva to yourself, please!)

7/29/2010 Update:

Dozzino Set to shake up the Hoboken Pizza Landscape!

Swung by the new upcoming Dozzino Pizza spot at 534 Adams Street this week to get a progress report on construction. Looks like they’re on schedule for opening either late August or early September.

You know something good is on it’s way – when the their logo lists 12 “ingredients.” Owners Mark and Rob are confident they’re going to raise the bar here in the mile square. Their chef – imported straight from Italy, is expected to arrive in late August. Not sure I can contain the salivating at the moment.

Dozzino’s will start out as a BYOB establishment.

Take a look inside to see how it’s shaping up (I tried getting more photos, but tile was being laid by workers, which limited my access.)


Melina`s Pizza spot finally gets renovated

Well, the corner of 6th and Adams Street is getting an upgrade!

Years after Melina’s (my favorite Hoboken Pizza place) was forced to close due to skyrocketing rent – work is has started at 534 Adams Street. It looks like it’ll be some kind of two-story restaurant with outdoor seating in the back mixed-use retail building (with apartments).

Maybe a delicious new Italian Restaurant?

(PS, everyone I spoke with seems convinced it’ll be a restaurant – but I’m having trouble seeing where the kitchen would go – and wonder if it’s going to be some other kind of retail business?)

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I’ve heard good things about this place, but I keep forgetting to try it because it’s off the beaten path and not in a location I pass by with any frequency.


Thought this place was like a “typical” business in Italy, where the neighborhood can gather and talk, and have an espresso while reading your newspaper. What changed them?

Wasted Talent
Wasted Talent

My initial experiences with Dozzino were all wonderful. However, as they have built more of a following, the quality of the dining experience there has deteriorated. The last time I went the food was bordering on OK, not nearly up to the standard that was set upon opening. I will go back, but I hope that the owners realize that everything in Hoboken has a shelf life, and they shouldn’t be content to have the restaurant full on most nights and they continue to strive for the excellent food and service which initially set them apart.


Are they still open at 8am for coffee?

kooky kat

You’ll be lucky to find them open at all, or open but not having a private party.
The pizza’s good, but this place is closed a lot for private parties, and on just random days sometimes. I also wonder why it’s so difficult for them to create any kind of a “salad” other than chopped spinach with balsalmic vinegar.

Last time we ate there, they rushed us in and out so fast (on a sunday evening, holiday weekend-it was NOT crowded) we were pretty turned off. The “salad” and pizza all came out at the same time. They’ve got a lot to learn. Too bad, it’s a nice looking place and the food’s pretty good. I certainly don’t go out of my way to go there though, and if I lived far away, I would call first…you never know if you’ll be turned away!

[quote comment=”211586″]Are they still open at 8am for coffee?[/quote]


Pizza here is damn delicious. Especially love the toasted thin crusts. A+, five stars, etc.!