Sidewalk Shotz: Wasted Food!


[Continuing this weeks “Hoboken Sidewalk Shotz” series…]

Can’t let pizza go to waste!

Disrespecting the greatest food on earth gets my goat. Like this half-eaten slice of pizza just tossed away (on someone’s stoop nonetheless!)

Forget those starving kids in Africa – what about me? Just kidding, but the amount of food, beverages, wrappers and other packaging you’ll find on the streets of Hoboken on weekend mornings is disgusting.

Remember this post from winter 2008? That was seriously exactly what I’m talking about! Animals!

Wasted Pizza on Hoboken Sidewalk Stoop 10th Street - Sidewalk Shotz: Wasted Food!

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Thursday, January 28, 2010 4:32 pm

Since Sunday there has been a TON of food garbage on the ground, loads of chicken wings. Twice this week I’ve had to pry one from my dog’s mouth (she gets them when I’m walking her at night and her nose gets to it before my eyes do). I’ve noticed food garbage in the past, but this week was like the perfect storm of it: a big football game on Sunday (mass wings/pizza consumption), and lots of wind.

Thursday, January 28, 2010 3:10 pm

I was walking my tenant’s dog a few Sunday mornings ago. There was a fair amount of chicken wings on the sidewalk and maybe pizza. I don’t recall for certain. I thought to myself. Someone had to be really drunk to drop this much food on the ground. The dog hit paydirt. I had to be The killjoy and take the food out of his mouth.

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