Why does it take 14 months?

Call me confused, but why does it take 14 months to “investigate” wrong-doing in the Hoboken Police Department?

If you’re not punching in, or not on “duty”, shouldn’t you receive an immediate reprimand? What kind of investigation is happening?

Hoboken cops punished for slacking off

Thirteen members of the police department were reprimanded this week in the wake of a 14-month investigation that ended with the resignation of the department’s highest ranking female police officer, said Chief Carmen LaBruno.

According to LaBruno, GPS tracking devices used as evidence against Capt. Karen Dimonde — who resigned last month after admitting that she wasn’t showing up for her midnight-to-8 a.m. shift — proved that others on Dimonde’s command were also slacking off.

“Our observations coupled with the GPS showed that a substantial number of officers were not patrolling or that their patrol patterns were inconsistent with our policy,” said LaBruno, noting that there are roughly 25 cops assigned to the nighttime shift.

LaBruno said five police officers agreed to accept a three-day suspension, followed by five days of work without pay, five others were given reprimands and ordered to work without pay for one to three days and three superiors received written reprimands.

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