Hoboken Dahn Yoga

1/5/2007 Update:

Back in August 2006 we posted a picture of this new yoga studio. Walked in today to speak with Julie, the manager. She was a warm and welcoming person, and is very happy to be in Hoboken. They actually opened this past November, as part of a national chain with over 150 locations.

Dahn Yoga (also known as Dahn Hak) is a Korean form of Yoga. In Korean, “Dahn” means energy, vitality and origin of life, and “Hak” means study, philosophy, and theory. Dahnhak is the study of energy (Ki, Chi) and how to use it for personal empowerment by restoring mind/body communication.

See more in the description and on their website. Get a 10% discount by signing up online.

Description: Yoga, Tai-Chi and Martial Arts. One main studio plus a private training room. Studio capacity is 25-30, but average class size is 10-15 members. The schedule they posted on their internet site differs from the one they provided. They offer earlier classes. HOVER HERE to see the actual schedule.
Address: 40 Hudson Place, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-795-1777
Web: www.dahnyoga.com


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I’ve been a member for about a year now, and I gotta say I love this place. It’s great, because they don’t just focus on giving you a good workout– I always come out of class feeling super relaxed, and my thoughts are much more organized.

It’s hard to list all the benefits, but I can confidently say that my skills as a snowboarder have improved by leaps and bounds as my balance and strength keep getting better. Also, I’m a student and I often give presentations; My confidence in this kind of situation is about a million times higher than it was a year ago, and I really want to thank the people at the Dahn center for helping me to get there!

Thanks again!


Wow! This studio is so beautiful, I don’t know why more photos aren’t here… I have visited this location as well as many others. The instructors no matter where you go are great! I never experienced a place where people are so devoted to their job. And their job is to help their members! Class is really fun and intense and joyful! I have gained so much from the practice ~~ stress relief, tone tummy, and much less thinking, I can focus better in my job and I am more productive!