Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets 1/26/2010


A couple nuggets for you to pick at as you wake up this morning…

hoboken breakfast nuggets logo - Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets 1/26/2010

Yesterday was windy!

Besides the dislodged boats, downed trees and falling bricks during our drenching storm that passed through yesterday, here’s a few other photos.

The awning at the Blue Ribbon liquor store at 450 1st Street was shredding away already – but Hoboken411 reader Chrissy noticed that yesterday’s wind stripped the frame bare!

Dumpy awning at Blue Ribbon Hoboken NJ - Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets 1/26/2010

And this precarious “decapitation waiting to happen” was up on Washington Street, as a sharp parking sign had come partially undone. Boy, mother nature handed us a little punishment yesterday!

Dangerous hanging street sign washington Street Hoboken NJ - Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets 1/26/2010

Liberty Humane Society wants kitchen appliances?

You wouldn’t expect an animal based organization to request this item, but Hoboken411 reader Melissa found this on Liberty Humane Society’s Facebook Page:

“Do you have a food processor that you could donate for use in the cattery? New or gently used food processor needed – we can provide you with a tax-receipt in return! Drop off at shelter at any time during operating hours.”

Liberty Humane needs a food processor - Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets 1/26/2010

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