One solution creates another problem?


City Hall reads Hoboken411

This is sort of a “Sidewalk Shotz” entry – because it’s in reference to a reader photo about sidewalk debris on Sinatra Drive this past Monday. (see that entry after the jump…)

Wood plank installed at Elysian Park dog run Hoboken NJ

So the day after appearing on Hoboken411, the city installed a wood plank at the northwest corner of the Elysian Park dog run. This will likely put the kibosh on rocks bleeding onto the sidewalk, however – now dog owners are already complaining that “the dog run will now effectively turn into a muddy lake each time it rains!”

See how hard it is to make all of the people happy all of the time?

There are possible solutions…

I believe this issue is not that easy to solve, and requires “engineering” and possible costs to make right. Technically, I’d install similar boards along the northern fringe of the park along Sinatra towards Hudson, as to force the water into the grassy section to the west – where it can at least be absorbed. May not be the best solution (other than re-grading the park at massive expense), but at least I came up with one!

Elysian Park Flooding Solution Hoboken NJ

What would your suggestion be?

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Hoboken411 reader Dawne noticed that each time it rains, the dog run at Elysian Park sheds buckets of dirt and gravel onto the sidewalk of Frank Sinatra Drive:

Hoboken411 reader photo of the day – 1/25/2010

“How hard is it for someone in parks to put a 2 x 8 board in the corner of the Elysian dog run so the gravel doesn’t keep pouring out onto FSD when it rains??”

Gravel leaking from Elysian Park dog run Hoboken NJ

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the solution would be to get rid of these disgusting canine cesspools. Hoboken dog runs seem to be the filthiest, smelliest, and disease ridden real estate in hoboken. its so refreshing to walk by these parks on a hot summer day and catch a nice warm mouthful of urine laced dust. Or to stroll through in the spring after an afternoon shower and walk through the river of dog pee that makes its way out onto other ares of the park and walkways.


God forbid little Pookie the toy poodle or Fabian the Sh*t-Zu get a little dirty, we’ll have to take him to the groomers again. Whaaaaaaa! Get over yourselves…they are DOGS!!!!!


Could we curb the criticism or are we just going to run off?


The 2×8 board didn’t bribe the right official.


Have you brought this to somebody’s attention before? Every time it rains half the town gets covered in muck and things erode away. A board like that would be a really ugly addition to a park, and I’m sure there would be plenty of people who would not like it on the days it doesn’t rain. I’m not sure this is something that can be fixed with ease.