New parking sign 11th St.

9/24/2008 Update:

Title should be “Parking signs on 11th St. disappearing”

hoboken contradicting signs on 11th street - New parking sign 11th St.

Over two years ago, a brief post about some minor parking changes at the intersection of 11th and Hudson Streets. Parking was supposed to be prohibited about 40-50 feet from the light – to allow for either emergency vehicles to pass, or to let cars pull over, or whatever the case was.

A reader wrote in reminding me about it:
“Noticed early Sunday that the “no parking sign” at Hudson & 11th which Hoboken411 had recently covered had disappeared. See attached photo. No we have a naked green sign post. Would have been nice to think it could have ended up as a two lane road with right turning on red.”

Now all we have is cars and commercial vehicles parking all the way up to the corner… Not only is that sign from 2006 gone, the one closer to the intersection is gone too! Can’t let your guard down in this city, that’s for sure! Fix it already!

See the original post after the jump…

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Yeah, I know, not a big deal, but they installed a new sign on 11th St. near Hudson St. this week. “No Parking Here to Corner”. The restriction is now like 40-50 feet from the interection there. Two or three less parking spots for Hoboken now!

Not sure if they’re deciding to make the 11th/Hudson intersection two lanes now, and perhaps allow right turn on red? Or does this have to do with the Maxwell Place project, etc…
11th st no parking sign - New parking sign 11th St.

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Let’s face it there is no real parking solution to an over populated city taht continues to grow urestricted. Creation of standards around minimum space and quality of life were lost years ago w over development. One can only hope the masses remain peaceful.


maybe it should say ” For Hoboken Glass Only” they seem to get away with the 52.00 summons on a daily bases, while everyone else get hit on the 4 other corners at 5:54 am..


Wait, so now people can park right to the corner intruding into the sight triangle and making it a dangerous intersection? Can’t wait for the city to get a law suit for this one.


Two lanes and right turn on red jams up the next intersection and the cars have been cutting the corners so sharp that pedestrians have been barely missed.

THE CORNERS HAVE BEEN CLEARED FOR EMERGENCY VEHICLES to get through and there has been a problem daily with this as there have been double parking and napping by Taxi’s which is why the white lines (no parking) have been painted between the block of Hudson and Washington.

This was necessary.