Friday Fun: Airport Securty?


Today’s Friday Fun video!

How much do you hate airport security?

You know airport security is getting bad, when parodies such as this surface!

Hoboken411 travel tip: If you hate checking or even carrying on your bags when you go on vacation – you might consider FEDEXING your bags to your destination ahead of time. Although there may be some monetary cost involved – the headache and hassle will be eliminated, which is priceless!

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instead of luggage, you can purchase large Pelican (the 2xxx series) cases for ~$200. These are made entirely of plasic, weight only about 15lbs, and can be sent via UPS, FedEx, or checked w/ any airline.

When I’m traveling for business, I pack them like luggage, slap a UPS or FedEx sticker on them, and send them out the day before I fly.


I’ve been sending my clothes,etc for the last 5 yrs….
It’s great….I walk onto the plane with just a thin attache..
I time it so I arrive at my destination a few hrs before my belongings get there…….!